Creative Concepts, Innovative Solutions


To be the premier company delivering joint multidomain capabilities through creative concepts and innovative solutions to integrate and converge capabilities to create a merged multidomain capability required for success in future combat operations.

Mission Statement

To provide outstanding support services, products, and solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of our customers.

Business Focus

ATL is a technology-based company focused on developing “Creative Concepts” and providing “Innovative Solutions” for joint multidomain capabilities (Land, Air, Sea, Space, Cyberspace), the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), and the information environment to our customers.

We provide an impressive array of customer-based services and support specifically tailored to the needs of each customer. It is through e powerful combination of professional expertise, dedicated commitment to excellence, and customer-centric business solutions that we serve our customers, exceeding expectations.  ATL’s current business focus areas are:

Program and Project Management

Complete program management and supervision of affiliated administrative tasks ensuring customer requirements are met or exceeded

Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System

Joint capability development and integration activities to communicate concepts, provide capabilities, and deliver solutions.

Full Spectrum Training Products and Services

Training development and classroom instruction services to meet the needs of the customer. 

Cyber Security Consulting

State-of-the-art network security consulting specializing in Security Policy and Review, Assessment Solutions, and Security Engineering.

Information Technology Professional Services

IT strategies and solutions that achieve consistent and tangible business returns

Administrative and Financial Services Support

Administrative and financial support using highly trained and experienced professionals

Engineering Services

Engineering expertise to coordinate and monitor the repair, renovation, alteration, and maintenance of facilities and equipment

Field Service Representatives

ATL provides Field Service Representative customer support to: perform on-site installation, repair, and maintenance of equipment; complete equipment test tasks; diagnose errors or technical problems; determine necessary solutions; produce timely and detailed service reports; and use field automation systems.

Facility Management and Logistics Support

Day-to-day management, administration, and space-allocation for buildings and facilities

Tactical Communications and Electromagnetic Spectrum Activities

Solutions for assessment, integration, deployment, and operation of Tactical Radio Communication Systems, Cyberspace, and Electronic Warfare systems across any relevant transport vector to include wired transmissions, wireless transmissions, and communication via satellite (SATCOM).

Cyber Operations and Information Advantage

Cutting edge training and support for Cyber Operations, Cyber Warfare Analysis, Information Advantage, Information Operations, and Electronic Warfare.

Software and Mobile Application Development

Our teams leverage emerging technologies that allow for automated vulnerability testing and streamlined cross-platform development targeting iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)

SETA ATL provides a highly skilled system engineer and technically workforce focused on customer needs for capability development products and services. ATL personnel derive requirements, perform technology assessments, develop acquisition strategies, conduct risk assessments, develop cost estimates, determine system specifications, assist in the direction of contractor and subcontractor operations, or develop test requirements and evaluate … Continued


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