System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)


ATL provides a highly skilled system engineer and technically workforce focused on customer needs for capability development products and services. ATL personnel derive requirements, perform technology assessments, develop acquisition strategies, conduct risk assessments, develop cost estimates, determine system specifications, assist in the direction of contractor and subcontractor operations, or develop test requirements and evaluate test data. ATL system engineers provide an interdisciplinary technical effort to evolve and verify an integrated and total life cycle balanced set of systems, people, and process solutions satisfying customer needs. ATL personnel providing the technical assistance component complements systems engineering by providing acquisition support, program management support, analyses, and other activities involved in the management and execution of an acquisition. ATL personnel respond quickly to requirements and tasks with stringent deadlines in a demanding and evolving acquisition environment. ATL personnel independently and proactively execute the coordination and completion of a myriad of business matters flexibility, multi-talented; possess strong critical thinking abilities and judgement skills; and sufficiently knowledgeable within the required technical area(s) of expertise and background; and possess complementary administrative skills to help successfully accomplish all programmatic functions always assigned and provide a comprehensive assistance support. Strong interpersonal, organizational, analytical, and planning skills are ATL employee requirements, and they must be able to work with minimal guidance as well as collaboratively. ATL personnel successfully integrate and coordinate all activities needed with all respective parties to execute the requirements specified within customer requirements.

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