Administrative and Financial Services Support

ATL provides administrative and financial support using highly trained and experienced professionals. ATL’s comprehensive capabilities include personnel strength accounting; electronic military personnel office operations; administrative service support; personnel processing; personnel planning; casualty operations; separation and retirement services; and Soldier readiness processing. Our past work providing administrative services in a variety of military settings allows us to be highly flexible and readily adapt to rapidly changing requirements in support of customer needs.

ATL provides customers with day-to-day management, administration, and space-allocation for buildings and facilities, ensuring that spaces remain operational during the completion of renovation or new construction activities. ATL performs continuing surveillance of facilities to ensure conformity with regulations, official policies, and established procedures. ATL personnel lead a variety of facilities management efforts, providing updates and briefings on the status of projects, programs, standards, and other relevant issues. Across these efforts, ATL contractors maintain proficiency, attend ongoing training, and provide advice on topics and appropriate actions related to space management, environmental issues, occupational health and safety, energy conservation, and national fire protection association standards.

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