Hunter Thomas “Breakfast with a Cyber Star”

Advanced Technology Leaders, Inc (ATL) is proud to announce that its newest Junior Software Capabilities Developer, Mr. Hunter Thomas, was honored to be the speaker for “Breakfast with a Cyber Star” on June 24, 2021. This is an award bestowed by the GenCyber board for those considered by their peers and employers to be an exemplary professional in the field of cyber operations. Mr. Thomas was selected for this year’s “Cyber Star” award because of his work in research and course assistantships at Augusta University, as well as for his work in development of automated systems defense at Advanced Technology Leaders, Inc. “Breakfast with a Cyber Star” consists of one morning where the selected speaker discusses their experiences with the high school seniors participating in the GenCyber program. These students are given instruction and the opportunity to program and build complex robotic systems in small teams. More information on GenCyber can be found on Augusta University’s website at

For information on working with ATL, to include entry level positions in the cyber field, visit the careers page of our website and connect with us on social media.

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